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Living in style – a new brand to live by

With the battle for home furniture sales greater than ever Gillies required a refreshed brand led approach to all customer marketing. Working closely with this leading family owned business, we evolved the Gillies brand to give it a refreshed, contemporary style to engage with a younger demographic.

Working extensively with the team at Gillies we provide marketing support to fulfil every customer touchpoint. This involves the full suite of Avian’s services as we promote the client’s Scotland wide retail footprint.


– Brand
– Repositioning
– Sales Literature
– Advertising
– Film

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In 2020, Gillies celebrate an astounding 125 years in business… a legacy passed down through family generations. To commemorate this milestone Avian were briefed to create a celebratory brand that reflected Gillies rich history in furniture retail. The brand was applied to promotional items, signage, livery and literature to maximise the 125 brand impact.

As a family business, Gillies understand the pivotal part the home plays in daily family life and the importance of celebrating those who we hold dear. Taking these key themes we produced a heartwarming TV commercial, depicting young family life to celebrate 125 years of the family business. The advert was run in 40 second slots across Scotland.