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Dundee OWBBT Auction Raises Buckets of Cash for Archie Tayside

Avian was lucky enough to receive an invite to the first Oor Wullie Big Bucket Trail (OWBBT) auction held last night in The Dundee Rep. It was a fantastic evening and a great opening to attend the first of what we anticipate will be a record-breaking week of raising money for the 3 x OWBBT charities: The Archie Foundation, Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

The evening opened with an introduction from David Wood, CEO The Archie Foundation, followed by a preview performance from the highly anticipated Oor Wullie the musical, opening at The Dundee Rep in November. This was closely followed by hearing from the inspirational Emilee Finn who although now a member of the Archie team was previously a former patient of Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. Emilee explained why charities such as Archie are so essential. After a brief energising speech from Ellis Watson, Executive Chairman, DC Thomson, the bidding was underway.

The following amazing sums were secured for each of the Oor Wullie Statues:

Oor Rabbie – £5,000

Oorius Wullius in the Night Sky – £4,600

A Shadow of His Former Self – £5,200

Oor Bronze Boy – £8,000

Dìa de Dudley – £4,200

Oor Inclusive – £9,000

Oor Tatha Rannsachair (Oor Tay Explorer) – £4,800

Oor Doddie – £11,500

Oor Green Manny – £4,200

Whaur’s Wullie 2.0 – £5,800

Wullie’s Big Night at the Theatre – £12,000

Oor Floo’ers O’ Scotland – £4,400

Wullie Doodle – £5,000

Game Art Wullie – £7,500

Arr Wullie – £5,600

Oor Sunny Dundee – £6,500

Munro Wullie – £6,200

Auchenshoogle – £4,400

Can we build it? – £4,200

Steampunk Wullie – £4,400

Wullie’s Underwater Wander – £4,600

Wullieosaurus – £4,000

Walking on Sunshine – £4,600

Wise Ways Wullie – £6,000

Full O’ Beans – £16,000

Dazzle Wullie – £4,000

Jute, Jam, Journalism and Wullie – £4,600

Prince Wullie – £6,500

Scrub Wullie – £6,000

Oor Friend – £5,000

Dundee Days – £5,000

Oor Freddie – £12,000

Peace of Mind – £5,600

Yeehaw Wullie – £7,000

Wandering Wullie’s Another Place – £4,200

Wandering Wullie’s Abandon Ship – £2,800

Wandering Wullie’s Bling Crivens – £5,200

Wandering Wullies Franken Wullie – £2,600

Wandering Wullies See You Jeemie  – £4,200

5 x Oor Buckets – £5,500

Oor Wullie Painting – £1,100

After the bidding had come to a conclusion, It was revealed by Chairman of The Archie Foundation –  Joe Mackie, that a whopping £239,000 had been raised for Archie Tayside!

Our team can’t wait to see what the other auctions will raise throughout the week and we look forward to seeing the grand total on Friday!

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