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Avian enables East Neuk Fisherman to Land New Business Venture

An Anstruther fisherman left with no demand from the fish markets for his East Neuk catch because of COVID-19, has just launched his own, sustainable seafood operation, Carisma Seafood delivering seafood to customers the same day it’s caught. With the fish markets closed and a young family to support, Langoustine fisherman Kirk Doig was facing zero income until Kirk was introduced to brand specialist Scott McCallum, Managing Director of Broughty Ferry based design consultancy – Avian.

Kirk, 31, Captain of “Kingfisher 26” prawn trawler named Carisma, said:

“Before lockdown we fished on a quota system with fishing commencing on a Sunday night, working four to five shifts depending on the weather. The struggle for enough boats meant relying on long hours and tedious graft, landing enough of a catch for factories who pay little for a premium product. Working with Scott has quickly helped me realise my dream of catching the very best, freshest shellfish and selling the produce to customers the same day. I specialise in catching langoustine but I’m also able to help other East Neuk creel fisherman by selling their lobster and crab within hours of coming ashore, unlike the larger, commercial fishing operations where the majority of the catch is frozen and destined for overseas fish markets in Europe. We have really turned the fishing formula on its head and rather than meeting quotas I am now fishing to order. Targeting the best quality and by only taking what I need, I can provide a premium service with the freshest product. “

Scott McCallum, MD of Avian, said:

“When a chance meeting with Kirk made me aware that his catch could be available on the same day it’s caught, I knew this was his unique selling proposition, USP, and that by creating a stand-alone brand highlighting what is so attractive and unique about his business could be the future of Kirk’s fishing career. We wanted to do something really positive during this current Covid-19 crisis and this was the perfect opportunity to help create a unique Scottish start up business. Kirk’s was struggling I was determined that we would do everything we could to help him launch and build a new business. I quickly mobilised our team and we worked pro- bono over a period of only three weeks to develop a name, a new brand, and a launch website to promote this innovative business.”

With access to a network of creative industry professionals and with an extensive client and supplier base, Scott trawled his contacts to quickly establish a passionate and dedicated customer base for Kirk. “Friends and colleagues have totally got behind us in spreading the word and their now weekly deliveries of fresh Langoustine, Lobster and Crab have definitely been the highlight of their lockdown. It’s getting very competitive in the kitchen with everyone sharing their gastronomic creations on social media.”

Kirk said: “The response has been incredible with customers now ordering every week that I’ve taken the plunge and bought a new delivery vehicle with chiller unit so we can expand and offer deliveries further afield in Fife and Tayside and into Edinburgh & the Lothians too. The next step is that we are now developing an e-commerce capability allowing my new customers to purchase online.”

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